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Turn Your iPhone Photos Into Postcards With HazelMail

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hazelmail I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do when I’m traveling is track down a post office so I can send family and friends postcards. I often buy postcards that I intend to mail, but I’m always trying to squeeze so many things into my trip that I never end up sending them. So I decided to try HazelMail, a new, free iPhone application that turns your iPhone photos into personalized postcards and even mails them for you, too. My verdict: It’s a fun and easy — but you might get home before your postcard reaches its destination.

The application lets you upload photos already in your iPhone photo library or new ones — your first postcard is free, each one after that is $1. HazelMail doesn’t give you sample pictures to send, so you have to use your own. I chose to send a pic I’d taken of the San Francisco Bay and mail it from SF to family down in nearby San Jose, Calif. Once I uploaded my photo, I edited it by changing its width and rotating it horizontally, which took a couple seconds and definitely made it look better (The simple click-and-capture function on the iPhone camera doesn’t take perfect photos). Then I typed up a short message to my family and clicked send.

They got it a full seven days later — not terribly impressive, given that the same postcard would have been there as early as the next day had I mailed it myself. HazelMail said it uses a global network of printers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia to print and mail the postcard from a location that’s closest to the recipient. My postcard, however, was mailed from Phoenix.

Has anyone else tried the HazelMail app? If so, please share your experience in the comments section.

4 Responses to “Turn Your iPhone Photos Into Postcards With HazelMail”

  1. Jennifer Martinez

    My HazelMail postcard was thinner than a standard postcard I’d buy in a store, too. It’s pretty sturdy though and didn’t crinkle during the mailing process.

    Thanks, Marco, for the information about the printer location. I really enjoyed using the app. Keep me posted on how HazelMail’s summer goes!

  2. I’ve used Hazel Mail via their website 3 times… The delivery time was longer than expected (Marco’s comment above explains why!), and the paper stock was flimsy. I understand why (cost!), but I’d be willing to pay a bit more to have a lasting keepsake. :)

  3. Hi Jennifer, thanks for the review and post! We currently print twice a week, but will be increasing this frequency in the near future as orders continue to increase. Our North America printer is based in Phoenix, hence the postmark from there. We hope HazelMail continues to be a great service for you =)