New Template Exchange for FileMaker’s Bento


Bento, the personal database from FileMaker, has launched a service that allows users to share templates they have created. The Template Exchange currently has around 100 ready-made templates covering a number of topics, with more being added daily.

Less well-known than the professional and cross-platform FileMaker, the personal database Bento is more integrated into OS X, capable of accessing Address Book, Mail, and iCal, but also requiring Leopard. Despite having a more narrow focus, Bento has seen continued development since being introduced in January 2008, the most recent example being Bento for iPhone. However, it was Bento 2 for OS X that added the ability to import and export templates.

World of Warcraft Character Template

World of Warcraft Character Template

The Template Exchange is the logical extension of that feature. Besides user-created templates, FileMaker has added a number of more polished and possibly useful templates, like wine cellar, DVD collection, and vehicle logbook. User-created templates run the gamut from the expected, shopping lists and CD collections, to the obscure, a pencil collection database template.

Of course, the point isn’t the utilitarian nature of a given template, but that users can now upload their creations and download those of others. This saves the effort of having to create database templates for common uses oneself. While the Template Exchange requires Bento 2, including the trial version, the service itself is free. Now you have no excuse not to organize your pencils.


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