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iPhone 3GS Teardown Reveals All, Sort Of

iphone-3g-s-fully-disassembledThe iPhone (s aapl) 3GS has been released and, as is geek tradition, torn apart to see what’s inside. RapidRepair went over to France to pick one up from Orange and then promptly disassembled it, only to discover that much of the machine is similar to the previous iPhone 3G. The design of this version is almost identical (thought it’s about 2 grams heavier), with upgrades to the processor, graphics card, RAM, battery (1219 mAh vs 1150 mAh in the 3G) and camera. But generally speaking, this is an evolutionary upgrade, not a revolutionary one.

As predicted by other sites, the iPhone uses the Samsung S5PC100 Cortex A8 Arm, which is capable of running at 833Mhz, though Apple has slowed it down to 600Mhz, likely because of heat and battery issues. Samsung says the processor is capable of 720P playback, 2D/3D graphics acceleration and HDMI output — it’s unclear how much of that processing power app builders will get to play with, but the machine is definitely much faster than the old 3G.

The NAND flash memory comes from Toshiba, like the last model. No word on the sourcing of the new camera or where the magnetometer for the compass is. More teardowns should be coming in the next few days from iSuppli and others. For now, you can check out RapidRepair’s teardown and lament the fact that you probably don’t have an iPhone 3GS yet.

Finally, if you aren’t sure whether you want an iPhone 3GS or Palm Pre, Gizmodo has an excellent (and surprisingly accurate) flowchart to help you make your decision.

4 Responses to “iPhone 3GS Teardown Reveals All, Sort Of”

  1. I don’t consider it’s worth buying the new iPhone 3G S, unless your carrier offers you a cheap upgrade option. The OS 3.0 will bring a lot of 3G S’ features, excepting the 7.2MBps HSPA, 3 MP camera, better processor, and a few more. If you don’t really need those features, go for the OS 3.0 and keep your current iPhone 3G.

    However, fans of the iPhone are cheered when Apple’s iPhone 3G S made its debut. Also, most users would like to put DVDs movie video on iPhone 3G S. I’ve found a good tutorial about import DVD / video to iphone 3GS/ iPhone 3G:

  2. Samsung is a bit of a cheater, they make things for their customers using the specs given by the customer, then they use them on their products.
    They have done that to SONY in televisions now are doing the same in Mobile handset business.
    I guess its the same processor the OMNIA II has.