Bluetooth Stereo: The Song Doesn’t Remain the Same

bluetooth_iconThinking about a set of Bluetooth Stereo headphones for your mobile handset with A2DP support? I don’t blame you. I really enjoy listening to wireless stereo music on my Palm Pre with the Altec Lansing BackBeat 903 headset. Those got me to sing and dance, but the exact same headset on an iPhone 3G has Sascha Segan singing a different tune.

In his review of the iPhone 3.0 software on, I noticed this tidbit about using the very same Altec Lansing’s on an iPhone 3G with the latest firmware:

“One new feature, stereo Bluetooth, bombs. Music on our Altec Lansing BackBeat headphones was so full of hisses and distortion it was laughable—almost as if Apple was saying, “This is why we hate stereo Bluetooth.” The headphones weren’t the problem, as the same music files sounded much better on a BlackBerry Storm.”

On the other hand, James is thoroughly enjoying the new AD2P support using his Plantronics Pulsar 590E headphones. So what gives?

If I were in the market for pair of Bluetooth stereo headphones, I think I’d be looking for reviews and tests of it with my particular handset. I wouldn’t think that different combinations would produce different results, since A2DP is profile of a wireless specification, but obviously there’s some hiss-tory of differing results.


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