A Geek’s Three Favorite Words: Out For Delivery


For two days, it seemed like our iPhone 3G Ss (is that really the correct plural form?) were frozen in Alaska. They started in Shenzhen, China, on the 17th, took a short island vacation in Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong, and landed in Anchorage on the same day. And then nothing. For two days, there were no tracking updates. Apple sent us a pre-emptive note saying that tracking data was slightly hosed but that we’d get the new iPhones on time. And today my three favorite words are showing: “Out For Delivery.”

Of course I tweeted that as my favorite three words and then other geeky suggestions came though:

  • Mike Temporale includes “Currently In Stock”
  • Mike also says “Line Starts Here,” but that’s because Matt Miller decided to get in line for a new iPhone 3G S this morning. Matt, we’re going to have to have an intervention one of these days, really soon, ‘k?
  • Steven Hughes is a geek of fewer words: “Is Delivered” (Hopefully to the correct address, Steven!)
  • Lulu offers the worst trio: “Attempted Not Delivered”
  • David Chartier likes a personalized longer phrase: “Here You Go, Mr. Chartier.” Well, well, Mr. Fancy Pants. ;)

I really used to hate these three words: “Batteries Not Included.” Ugh. Got your own fave three words as a gadget geek? Add ‘em the comments! Oh and props to Dwight Silverman for this tweet, which I am TOTALLY on board with:

“I’m boycotting the space between the G and the S in iPhone 3GS.”

Update: Apparently I forgot about these three words, but the UPS man kindly reminded me: “Please Sign Here”. ;)


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