3, 2, 1: We Have iPhone 3G S Launch!

iPhone 3G S

This morning, in many parts of the country, the iPhone 3G S is already being doled out to anxious customers. Despite the bumpy upgrade plan that has been laid ahead of many current iPhone owners, there are still lines at some AT&T stores.

Locally, the retail stores have said that first-come-first-served iPhone sales will open at 9 a.m., after the 7 a.m. pre-order pickups. However here in Denver, after driving past two AT&T retailers with lines of 20-30 outside, I did find one store that was open for business and picked mine up in short order. So a tip if you’re on the West coast — go early, and you may find the AT&T store open already, despite a 9 a.m. announced open time.

As has been mentioned, upgrades were initially the talk of the town (not in a good way), as pricing was essentially only good for new customers or longtime customers who hadn’t upgraded in something close to at least two years. Many of us already on the iPhone bandwagon found ourselves out in the dark, or rather, facing “early upgrade” pricing, which was reminiscent of pre-subsidized iPhone prices. But AT&T lightened up a bit, (possibly to divert some of the negative energy of not allowing tethering or MMS?) and opened up the best pricing model ($199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB) for those eligible for upgrade from launch (today) through about the September 2009 time frame. So if you stopped paying attention after the initial letdown, you may want to recheck that upgrade date and head back in to your local Apple Store or AT&T retailer sooner than later.

Let us know how you fared in picking up your new iPhone 3G S today. Did the pre-order go smoothly? Did you wait in line for the new phone? Did your upgrade pricing fall in line with what you expected? Whatever your experience, we hope it’s a Happy iPhone Day.


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