10 Father’s Day Apps for Your #1 Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner (Sunday, to be exact), we here at TheAppleBlog thought what better gift to get that special father in your life than a thoughtful yet handy iPhone (s aapl) or iPod touch application.

Feeling the cash crunch around this particular time? Not to worry, most of the applications mentioned here are free or just a couple bucks. A nice print-out of your gift tucked or wrapped nicely in a festive Father’s Day envelope will more than likely communicate your genuine appreciation for your dad. So since all dads are obviously not the same, breeze through our list and find our top picks for your kind of dad.

The Stay at Home Dad

appicon_ihandyleveliHandy Level (Free)
For the Stay-at-Home Handy Dad — utility belts and their attachments are so passé! Consider surprising your stay-at-home Dad this Father’s Day with gadgets that reside in his iPhone.

iHandy Level is a free application brought to you by iHandySoft Inc. This stunning application exploits the iPhone’s Accelerometer and Proximity sensor to bring your stay-at-home Handy Dad a truly unique handyman experience. From balancing and centering picture frames on the wall, to leveling a floor tile — this is definitely one unique application that no handy dad should be without!

If you’re feeling extra generous this Father’s Day, you may consider the iHandy Carpenter which includes five handyman tools in one for the ridiculous price of $1.99!

iHandy Carpenter Notable Features

  • iHandy Level
  • Plumb Bob – the easy method of verifying the verticality of walls
  • Surface Level – the best tool to level any flat surface
  • Steel protractor – OK so it’s not made of steel, but it sure is pretty and measures angles beautifully
  • Steel Ruler – again, not real steel – but smarter and more compact than any steel ruler you may have come across and it actually measures a few times longer than the iPhone, too

appicon_allrecipes.comAllrecipes.com Dinner Spinner (Free)
If your stay-at-home Dad isn’t particularly the handyman type, but perhaps more of the kitchen connoisseur, the Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner app may be more his taste.

He can swipe away at the Spinner sorting by Dish Type, Ingredients, and Prep/Cook time to view recipe matches of his choice — or, if he’s feeling “saucy,” he could simply tap the Spin Categories function for a totally impromptu pick. One thing is for sure, the recipe of choice will definitely be one to delight since all recipes are based on ratings and reviews of millions of home cooks. To top it off, each recipe comes complete with its own Nutritional Information chart to keep a stay-at-home Dad’s family happy and healthy.

Notable Features

  • Choose by Dish Type from Appetizers through to Dessert (cocktails included)
  • Choose by Ingredient
  • Choose by desired Prep/Cook time
  • A light shake will present random recipe ideas

The Sports Fan Dad

appicon_espnscorecenterESPN ScoreCenter (Free)
Forget about losing your sports fan Dad’s attention to the TV, that’s a worry of the past. A glance is all it will take to get the latest scores, results and stats of his favorite sports team — all from a one-tap access interface. With the recent release of the iPhone and iPod touch 3.0 software update, the new ESPN ScoreCenter will also feature push notifications.

Results are available for:

  • Football/Soccer
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • American Football (NFL)
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Ice Hockey (NHL)
  • NCAA College Football, Basketball
  • NASCAE, Formula 1, Indycar
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Cricket & Rugby are both coming soon

appicon_sportsradioSports Radio (99 cents)
Is your sports fan Dad a multinational sports fan Dad? Place the world of sports radio into the palm of his hand with a single app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Not only can your dad tune in to over 6,400 sports radio stations around the world, but with the newly added Facebook and Twitter integration, he can keep his friends in the know as well.

Notable Features

  • Includes users favorite MP3 iTunes stations
  • Pick from favorites or recently played stations
  • Includes Public Radio streams and over 2,100 MP3 stations from Europe, Australia, and Canada
  • Dynamic directory for adding new directories and stations without application updates, ?email links to a station stream to friends using iPhone or iPod touch Mail application,? Radio for iPhone supports MP3 and AAC stream formats and then some

The Athletic Dad

appicon_yogastretchYoga STRETCH (99 cents)
Now don’t let the womanly image fool you; these days yoga is a very acceptable, manly athletic activity (and I’m not saying so just because I do it — cough).

Having the mind in tune with the body through yoga has proven to yield many benefits, especially for me. These include lowering blood pressure, weight normalization, and an increase to energy and endurance levels. This progressive app displays traditional yoga poses at individual intervals and comes complete with a personal yoga instructor that walks students through a successful session. Since the application is designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch, your athletic Dad can strike his pose in his office or from the comfort of his own hiding place.

Notable Features

  • Consists of traditional yoga poses sequencing with a Vinyasa flow
  • Designed to improve strength, balance, posture and flexibility
  • A personal yoga instructor walking each through a full session including audio commentary, images and music

appicon_ifitnessiFitness ($1.99)
If your athletic Dad doesn’t happen to be the posing, flexing type, iFitness may just be what he needs for an all-around healthy, accurate and comprehensive workout. Forget about breaking the bank to get your dad a personal trainer for Father’s Day — a single solution has been developed just for the tech- (and financially-) savvy individual and it’s available on none other than the iPhone and iPod touch.

Notable Features

  • Over 110 beautifully illustrated exercises with accompanying text
  • Favorites option to create your own custom routine
  • Preset routines that our experts have made for reaching different goals
  • Exercises organized by the muscles they target

The Business Dad

appicon_traveltrackerTravelTracker with TripIt ($7.99)
With just one tap you can download all of your trip information into TravelTracker. Not only will it download each of the your critical trip details, such as flights, hotel reservations and car rentals, but it also goes the extra mile to fetch the pertinent details of your trip, such as your meetings, activities, notes and yes — even your restaurant reservations. Yum!

Does your airport lack sufficient mobile coverage and/or is not yet equipped with free Wi-Fi? Never fear! TravelTracker with TripIt works sufficiently offline just as beautifully as it does online. Oh, and if you’re still trying to figure out what exactly TripIt is, check out this amazing free add-on: tripit.com.

TravelTracker is your all-in-one virtual travel assistant and companion. It stores all vital information for your trip and displays it in a convenient optimized itinerary screen that allows you to record all of the key aspects you need before, during and after your trip. This is every business Dad’s winner.

Notable Features

  • One-touch flight status
  • Customizable packing lists
  • Records all details of your travel expenses
  • Record-keeping of all of your frequent traveler award programs
  • Airplane database with link to seating charts
  • Email your itinerary and expenses to contacts
  • Download current weather conditions & forecasts for your chosen airport
  • Download current exchange rates to determine your trip total in your own currency

appicon_currencyCurrency (Free)
These days, with business deals flowing like water across oceans, the Internet has skyrocketed business transactions into oblivion and the only way for your business Dad to keep up with the world’s currencies is through a single intuitive application such as Currency. This app provides the latest conversions in every exchange language (18 languages, to be exact) and in every currency (which total 90 currencies for over 100 countries).

Notable Features

  • 18 exchange languages
  • Up-to-date exchange rate information for over 90 currencies and 100 countries
  • Common currencies: Dollar, Pound, Yen, Peso, Dinar, Yuan, Baht, Dirham, Real, Kuna, Riyal, Lira plus many others

The Single Dad

appicon_urbanspoonUrban Spoon (Free)
No single Dad will ever be without ideas as to where to take the kids (or a hot date) for the best eats in town! With similar functionality as Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner, the shake of the iPhone or iPod touch will jolt Urban Spoon into emulating the function of a classic slot machine to present a random restaurant pick in the vicinity. Another shake will simply pull up another selection — and just keep on shaking until satisfied. Arm getting tired yet? Just set a lock on any of the three criteria items (Neighborhood, Cuisine, Price) to narrow the selection.

Notable Features

  • Use GPS to find a restaurant nearest you
  • Filter by Neighborhood, Cuisine and Price
  • Search and browse local restaurant and check out their reviews
  • See a list of all nearby restaurants
  • Compare restaurant picks with your friends

appicon_nytimesNYTimes App (Free)
For the single Dads (or really any dad) who are always on the go, they’ll never miss a beat (or an important news update) from the newly polished NYTimes App. No longer is this news application painfully sluggish, as its version 1.0 predecessor was. In fact, NYTimes App zips across the wire to download up-to-the-minute news in a flash and even works just as feverishly offline or in airplane mode (just as long as the app has downloaded the articles previously, which is still quite instant).

Notable Features

  • Gorgeous and sophisticated interface
  • Access to the latest articles and photos of the day
  • Customizable toolbar with favorite sections of NYTimes.com
  • Read anywhere – After a quick sync, articles and photos are available offline