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Where to Watch the U.S. Open (and Tiger Woods) Online

UPDATE: The rains delayed play. You can watch the action here.

USOpenDon’t expect much work to get done today, as the U.S. Open Golf Championship is underway and streaming live online. Will there be a nail-biting finish that generates millions of views like last year? Tune in and find out. Here’s what’s available: is carrying live HD-quality streaming of the “marquee” groups today and tomorrow, live video of the 17th hole on Saturday and Sunday, as well as various interview and highlights clips.

The tournament is now on the iPhone (s AAPL) for the first time with a free app that offers live video streaming and real-time scoring.

And since golf is a social sport, naturally it’s on social media, with updates on scores and highlights via Twitter and a Facebook/blog widget.

It would have been nice to have more live video coverage online, but NBC (s GE) is the broadcast network airing the tournament, and we all know what Jeff Zucker thinks of streaming big sports events live.

10 Responses to “Where to Watch the U.S. Open (and Tiger Woods) Online”

  1. karena

    There’s only one legitimate place I’ve found to watch it, the rest seem like scams :-/ You can see it over here though:


    They make you do a little survey but after that it’s good to go :)