Catch the U.S. Open Live on Your iPhone, Updates on Other Mobiles


us-open-iphoneThanks to our friends at NewTeeVee, I got a reminder that the prestigious U.S. Open golf tourney starts today. Due to a drenching, play was postponed today, but the action picks up again at 7:30 a.m. EDT tomorrow. While I would normally watch online or use my SlingBox to pipe coverage to my notebook, that’s not going to work tomorrow. I have too much running around to do for the second half of the day, which means I want to watch on my phone.

There’s a free iPhone (s AAPL) app offering live streaming, highlights. and more. I’d never even think about trying that on my first-generation EDGE iPhone, so I hope that my iPhone 3G S arrives sooner rather than later tomorrow. Non-iPhone owners can still tune into the mobile U.S. Open site at for real-time scores and developing stories. I wonder which of the two options will have more traffic: live streaming on iPhones or hits on the mobile site?

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