TAB Welcomes: Peter Venero



G’day fellow Apple Enthusiasts! I’m Peter Venero writing from the land down under! Just to be clear, I’m not actually Australian — but rather an “American Transplant” (as they call me) living in gorgeous Sydney, Australia.

I’ll be the first to admit; I don’t boast the chops of my fellow contributors here at TheAppleBlog. I didn’t grow up on a Mac (my first Mac was the Titanium Powerbook G4, which was when OS X made it’s debut); and I’ve definitely never worked for Apple so therefore, I’ve never had any random run-ins with Steve.

What I can say however, is that I’m a true Apple enthusiast. In fact, although I love my career as a business owner and design professional, I’ve actually contemplated applying for a casual weekend job at my local Apple Store as a Personal Shopper just so I could help others find the Apple product that would make them glow. There’s just something serendipitous that I find quite therapeutic about tailoring a solution for someone’s home or business so they too can live in a sophisticated and simplified world.

So I figure, that’s my goal here at TheAppleBlog — to show that through the Mac, we can all live and work harmoniously. I look forward to engaging with you by bringing you “How-To” articles as well as Application reviews for both Mac and iPhone. It will be my pleasure to usher you the sweetness of Apple and to show the others that the grass really is greener!


Peter Venero

Thank you for the warm welcome James and Tom! I’ll do my best not to tout on too many Aussie perks, which I don’t think there are any aside from having a choice between about 4 carriers or so to choose from – but hey, at least you guys have visual voicemail! ;-)

Tom Reestman


Glad to have you on board. No articles on how tethering is cheap for the iPhone down under, ‘K? We Americans can get pretty testy about that. :-)

Peter Venero

What’s up homies! Whoa! Good seeing you all here! Uh oh, I’m under some real pressure to impress now! :) Joe, so good hearing from you – it’s been YEARS! It’s only fitting that you would be on here too! :)



yeah yeah i finally converted lol… congrats and welcome!!! now i know who to ask for directions when i get lost in this mac world haha..

Joe Kwon

Holy cow, Peter! I can’t believe it’s you. I saw your name in my RSS feeds and there you are.

Congrats man, hope all is well down under. I’m in the technology industry as well, looking forward to your posts.

– Joe

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