Freeware Analyzes Music BPM, Updates ID3 Tags


mixmeister-bpmWell, that 32 GB iPhone 3G S (s AAPL) is arriving tomorrow, which will hold all of my music and then some. Now I can finally take every tune with me when I run. Yes, I admit the sacrilege: I run with my iPhone…miles at a time. A smaller, flash-based digital audio player would probably better suit my lifestyle, but I take advantage of device convergence when it makes sense. So the larger iPhone solves all of my problems, right? Wrong…I really need to make some playlists based on the BPM, or Beats Per Minute.

Lifehacker must have sensed my immediate need because they mentioned the free MixMeister BPM Analyzer for Windows and Mac today. The software is really meant for the DJ scene, but BPM means the same to DJs and runners, so I grabbed it. You just drop tracks or whole folders in and the software will analyze the music to figure the BPM. I have one or two iTunes DRM-protected albums and it didn’t work on those, but all of my other music looks supported. MixMeister updates the ID3 tags of the files, too, although I had to do a “Get Info” on my music files to see the change take place. That feature should help me make a few smart playlists for various workouts. After this, I might have to splurge for one of the Nike+ sensors for tracking data since the new iPhone supports it. Wow, the hardest part of my workout will just be the running part after all this tech. ;)



Count me in on running with iphone strapped to my arm–usually listening to unabridged audio books, sometimes music.

How about some jkontherun (literally) suggestions on carrying a device for running–straps, earphones etc.

I am debating whether to go cordless with the new iphone os bluetooth and am looking for appropriate earphones.

Also have strap from H2O that is waterproof–on longer sweatier runs I am so dripping my iphone is wet and touch screen won’t respond. My strap for using underwater takes care of that.

Kevin C. Tofel

I hold it, which can be a real pain when I go on my longer runs. Those can easily last for an hour or more. I never got a case when I bought the phone and once the iPhone 3G came out, most cases were made for that unit which is a little thinner. I’ll find something else to carry the new phone with. Two years of running with a thin brick haven’t been that enjoyable.

Steve Watts

I run with my iPhone too (though I prefer my nano). Sometimes I even strap the iphone to my arm which is totally dorky, but then I remember that it wasn’t that long ago runners would actually bring cassette players and portable cd players with them. Now THOSE were big. Its amazing how quickly we get used to the small size of gadgets these days.


Thanks for posting, Kevin! I actually am a DJ and have a few devices to which I export my iTunes MP3 collection for use in gigs, but each software package handles BPMs differently and none that I currently use export their BPM settings back into iTunes, which is really useful for track planning. Cheers!

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