JetBlue Hypes LAX Flights With YouTube, Howcast — Not TV

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Credit: PrimeNewswire

JetBlue is trying to generate buzz around its new flights to Los Angeles International (LAX) airport — and it’s banking on a stream of videos and tweets from a group of YouTube sensations to do it. With this social media push, JetBlue joins the ranks of other big brands like Ford and Carl’s Jr. that have opted out of using expensive TV campaigns to hype new products, choosing instead, to tap into sizable audiences that internet celebs like Kevin “Nalts” Nalty and Justine Ezarik (iJustine) have already built up on their own.

According toAdAge , JetBlue didn’t pay the YouTube stars directly, but they did get a free ride on the company’s first JFK to LAX flight, which they tweeted and blogged about while in air. But there is money changing hands through Howcast, which has commissioned some of the stars to create branded “how-to” videos (about how to wake up fresh from a coast-to-coast flight, for example) for JetBlue.

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