EMI Suing Another Music Startup; Grooveshark Plays Piracy Card

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Another day, another major label legal challenge… Elio Leoni-Sceti’s EMI has filed a lawsuit against Florida-based music streaming site Grooveshark, as AllThingsD reports. The site currently offers tracks from all four majors and has escaped the attention of their lawyers, until the suit was filed in New York in May. Earlier this year the label launched legal battles against music search sites Sideload and Seeqpod.

The site says in a statement: “For the past year Grooveshark has been in talks with EMI Records and other copyright holders to negotiate licensing agreements” — but then EMI “chose to abandon the template we

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grooveshark's logic is hilariously circular — EMI should do a deal and legitimise us, or else force consumers to use illegal services…..like grooveshark. brilliant, boys, brilliant. let us know how that works out for you.

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