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Vid-Biz: DirecTV, Fred, VOD

DirecTV to Provide Local Ads; satellite co. using INVIDI software; advertisers can dynamically target by household, street, political district and more; ads are pushed out to and stored on set-top boxes and then served when they are supposed to run. (MediaWeek)

Fred Commands “Seven Figures” Six Figures on YouTube; According to Eileen Naughton, director of media platforms for Google, the hyperactive character has generated “5 to 10 million” ad-supported views on the site and is “the most valuable real estate on YouTube.” (MediaPost) UPDATE: Naughton evidently misspoke yesterday, Fred is making six figures (thanks, Daisy!)

Rentrak: VOD Orders Went up 21% Percent in 2008; operators processed 3.8 million VOD orders last year, consumers ordered an average of 17.8 VOD assets per month. (Multichannel News) Rentrak is also partnering with Concurrent for a service that measures video audiences across TV, broadband and mobile. (Video Business)

Aspera Eyeing the Consumer Space; company behind the FASP protocol used for video transfer in discussions with device manufacturers and service providers (though it’s still very early). (VideoNuze) See Aspera CEO Michelle Munson speak at GigaOM’s upcoming Structure 09 Conference!

Iran Protest Footage on YouTube; site says it is not censoring these videos (unless they violate community guidelines). (YouTube Blog) Launching Live Show Today; The Knot Live will run every Wednesday and will feature wedding news, tips and even calls from the online audience. (MediaWeek)

Kyle MacLachlan Wants to Reprise Twin Peaks Role on the Web; actor wants to bring the FBI agent character back in a series of 5-minute episodes — though he says series creator David Lynch won’t be involved. (IMDB)

6 Responses to “Vid-Biz: DirecTV, Fred, VOD”

  1. What’s interesting about the Rentrak number is that TiVo has said that they also get an average of 17 TiVoCast/Netflix/Amazon downloads per month. Since you can automatically subscribe to the TiVoCasts, I would have thought that this number would be a little higher, but it would appear that there isn’t all that much of a difference in behavior from TiVo owners as there is for normal cable subs.

  2. Alexa Chung show, yet another show geo-blocked for UK viewers that I can’t watch.

    Where did those artistically tasteless ads for winning a green card you used to run on your site go to?

    I could use one.