TweetDeck Comes to the iPhone

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128x128yTweetDeck, the multi-column Twitter desktop client that we’ve covered previously, yesterday released a free iPhone app. I’ve been playing with the app today, and I have to say that I’m impressed: It’s a very nicely designed, easy-to-use client that makes Twittering while on the road a breeze.

tdhomeInstalling the app and setting up your account is simple — just enter your username and password. By default, TweetDeck sets up three columns: “All Friends,” “Mentions,” and “DM.” “All Friends” contains your entire Twitter feed; “Mentions” contains tweets mentioning your username (@replies); and “DM” contains your direct messages. You can navigate between columns by swiping left and right. Tapping zooms in so that the column fills the entire screen. Tap on a tweet, and the screen fills with the tweet, and you’re presented with options for sending an @reply, replying by DM, retweeting, favoriting, and emailing the tweet.

On all screens, there’s a large button at the top-right that will let you compose a new tweet. The compose screen includes everything you’d expect, including a character counter, URL shortening and photo support. In all, the interface is very intuitive and looks great.

Adding extra columns to the home screen is easy — tap the large “Add Column” button, and select what column type you’d like. As well as the columns I’ve already mentioned, you can set up columns for groups of users (handy if you follow a large number of people and find it hard to keep up with everyone), and for saved Twitter searches (useful for tdtweetbuilding a monitoring dashboard that you can access while on the road). TweetDeck supports multiple accounts, and one of its best features is that there’s no need to clumsily switch between all your accounts. You can just add extra columns for each account (so, for example, I have columns for my personal account and the @webworkerdaily account).

A really great feature of TweetDeck for iPhone is that you can synchronize it with your desktop TweetDeck, so that you can have the exact same columns on your phone as on your computer. This should be really useful if you have multiple accounts or a fairly complex and changing Twitter monitoring setup. To enable the sync feature, a new version of the TweetDeck desktop client has also been released, which includes the same multiple account support found in the iPhone app.

One annoyance I’ve found with TweetDeck for iPhone so far is that it’s crashed a few times; hopefully, this is something that the developers can fix in a revision. However, it’s brand-new software, and free, so I’m prepared to forgive a few glitches for now.

If you’re a Twitter power user, TweetDeck is probably the best iPhone Twitter client available currently. TweetDeck for iPhone is a free download from the App Store.

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