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T-Mobile Dash 3G Arriving in July

htc-snapT-Mobile officially tipped us off that the successor to one of my favorite Windows Mobile (s MSFT) handsets is landing next month. The T-Mobile Dash 3G drops in July, and I’m wishing I had a T-Mo SIM to try out the new Dash 3G. Back in the day, I loved my original Dash due to its very usable QWERTY keyboard, slim profile and light weight. The new Dash 3G (aka: HTC Snap, shown) maintains or improves all of these features, from what I saw of the device at CTIA, and adds speedy 3G wireless broadband.

The Dash 3G runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and supplements the 3G with Wi-Fi. Gone is the directional pad, which is replaced with a trackball. Last I checked, the Dash 3G got a boost over the original in most innards as well:


My only wish for the Dash 3G is that it can be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 in the future. While we won’t see the Dash 3G until July, you can catch a nice video overview now of an unlocked HTC Snap and comparison to the original Dash over at Smartphone Thoughts.