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One of the great things about technology these days is that we’re no longer tied to a physical office space or even a desktop computer. We’re quickly becoming a completely mobile society, especially in the business world. With Fuze Meeting for iPhone, business in a mobile world just got a bit easier.

Fuze Meeting is, at its core, web conference software. It has features like desktop sharing, HD content, and attendee fetching. What Fuze Meeting for iPhone does is bring those features to you in an app that’s formatting specifically for the iPhone’s screen.

Fuze Meeting for iPhone Features

  • High-Definition Video — Share HD images, documents, video and more from your iPhone.
  • Conference Call Control — Have you ever been on a conference call and wished you could mute a noisy connection or someone having a side conversation? With Fuze Meeting on your iPhone, it’s as easy as selecting the attendee and tapping Mute.
  • Visual Interface — You wouldn’t let someone walk into your conference room without knowing who they were, so why let anyone into your conference call? Easily detect and remove unwanted attendees.
  • Fetch Attendees/Yourself — Filling your meeting is easy – dial attendees directly into your meeting without special numbers or codes.
  • Integrated IM and Presence — Fuze Meeting combines mobile IM and conference call controls in a single seamless application. Fuze Meeting connects you with leading public IM networks including AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk and Jabber.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security — Your text messages are SSL-encrypted and your password is secured with RSA asymmetric encryption.

Fuze Meeting and Fuze Meeting for iPhone are both free. Be sure to check them out!

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