NBC’s Zucker: Don’t Expect More Live Streaming Than What We Do Now

Those hoping that NBC (s GE) would come around and live-stream all of the next Olympics had better not hold their breath. paidContent has a very thorough interview with NBC CEO Jeff Zucker in which, in typical Zuck fashion, he is still banging his analog dollars for digital dimes mantra, but he was more than willing to share his opinions on topics like content streaming, authentication and even the role of social networking and television. You should read both parts of the interview, but here are a few quotes to whet your appetite:

On streaming the prime time Olympics:

[paidContent:] Somebody would have to show you a really, really good model for how that would work.
[Jeff Zucker:] I don’t think there is a model that exists right now that would show that. I wouldn’t want to devalue the price of the Olympics or the Super Bowl or whatever it is.
Is there something that isn’t streaming yet that you think should be?
We’ve been aggressive in this respect. Not off the top of my head.
Do you see value to streaming the Stanley Cup? (NBC airs some of the games but doesn’t own the streaming rights; CBC streamed the finals in Canada.)
Not really.

On putting some Hulu Content behind an authentication wall:

Do you feel comfortable with the idea that Hulu could be an agent for TV Everywhere, the idea that you’d be able to come in and see some things for free still but make the content like Bravo, most of which you don’t put online, available in real time?
I think all those things are on the table and certainly things we’d be looking at.

On socializing oldteevee:

What about social networking? You’ve tried different things. You’ve had the producers come and live communicate during premiere week, all kinds of expansive efforts.
We’re still experimenting. We just did a huge thing with the finale of the Real Housewives of New York on Bravo, where we learned a lot, and we’re going to continue to experiment with that kind of thing. It’s very much in vogue and I don’t know that any of the legacy media companies are where they should be in that respect.