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iPhone OS 3.0 Update Available

The iPhone OS 3.0 (s aapl) software update is now available for download. If you’re wondering about the benefits of updating, check out Darrell’s WWD post “Apple iPhone OS 3.0: A Web Working Perspective.” As Darrell’s an Apple Developer Program member, he had a chance to play the with the beta of this update before us regular mortals, and got hands-on with some of the nifty new web worker-friendly features in this update:

  • Cut, Copy and Paste (at last!)
  • Spotlight (system-wide search)
  • Landscape keyboard in all default apps
  • MMS

While these features are all great, and in the case of MMS and copy/paste have been a long time in coming, as Darrell rightly points out in this post over at TheAppleBlog, what’s really exciting is the possibilities for new apps. Thanks to the new APIs available for developers: device support, push notifications and in-app commerce will all bring exciting new apps and functionality to every web worker’s iPhone. Indeed, as Om notes, these new features and an upsurge in engrossing new apps could spur mobile data usage to greater heights.

What are you waiting for? Go download it and let us know your thoughts the update in the comments.

2 Responses to “iPhone OS 3.0 Update Available”

  1. Glenn Heydolph

    Certainly a lot of new features which are quite welcome! One issue I am experiencing is that the 3.0 iPhone software now reports my JiMS-525i Jensen HD Radio is not a supported accessory. As such it prompts me to turn off wireless everytime since it gets presented as an iPod.