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iPhone OS 3.0 Now Available for Download

If you’re like me, then you’ve spent a fitful night tossing and turning with anticipation, because today is the day that iPhone OS 3.0 officially arrives.


Well, toss no more, iPhone OS 3.0 has arrived (iPod touch users go here). If I can manage to actually download it, since Apple’s servers are no doubt taking a severe beating, I’ll probably send a completely unnecessary MMS to my girlfriend and then go back to life as usual. Until I get my camping gear ready for the 3G S line-up Thursday night, anyway.

I realize that it’s cruel and unusual to bring up MMS when so many of you will have to go without, but for once, living in Canada has allowed me to be an early adopter of something, and I’m going to milk that for all it’s worth. Take solace in the fact that adding MMS to my Fido plan will cost me an extra $5 a month.

For a full breakdown of what else you get with your shiny new software, check out this post. Judging by the comments there, some people will only be updating begrudgingly, while simultaneously shaking their fists at Apple for leaving so many seemingly software-only upgrades exclusively to the iPhone 3G S, including video recording and voice control.

What has me really excited about iPhone OS 3.0 isn’t necessarily what has arrived today (although I really had trouble sleeping yesterday…warm milk was almost necessary), but what’s coming in the future from developers thanks to the new APIs available to them. Device support, push notifications, and in-app commerce all represent amazing potential for app makers, and I doubt even the exciting things we’ve already seen will scratch the surface of what’s to come.

You can grab the update from Apple’s servers via your iTunes interface any time now, but do me a favor and everyone hold off for at least a couple hours. I’ve got a pointless MMS I’m itching to send.

112 Responses to “iPhone OS 3.0 Now Available for Download”

  1. I simply can not believe how bad the iPhone and itunes is. We are not in a brilliant reception area, but with the iPhone, the phone drops out on a regular basis, like nothing else we have experienced in the last seven years. Reception wise, it is the worst phone we have ever had in fifteen or more years as far as reception is concerned. Just pathetic.

    We saw on the internet and were told by our provider that the phone needed a software update via itunes. We had an older version of itunes which could not even download an update for itself. So we downloaded the lastest version and reinstalled it. Still error 3259. We unblocked ports 3689 & 5353 still error 3259. We can download hundreds of megs via other browsers but itunes, it’s as slow as a snail or even slug. A few megs and it crashes.

    Now we’re stuck with a phone which would be OK if it worked as a phone in places where other phones work and a useless toy that can’t be updated.

    It’s going to take a lot to get me to ever buy apple again.

    Never never never is the word!

  2. Hi, this is naveen, i have a iphone 3g, i upgraded my iphone from older to new 3.0 firmware, from that time i am not receiving the incoming calls oftenly but not always !! could u help me !!!

  3. I like a lot of people tried many times; over 20 at least. Then last week up in Shanghai i plugged my iPhone 3G into my pc to charge it. I accepted the download and install option in iTunes and went to bed. The following morning it had successfully downloaded! That was on my work thinkpad and not even my Macbook.

    Strange that it can do that in a hotel room in Shanghai and not at home in Melbourne!!!!!