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iPhone OS 3.0 Now Available for Download

If you’re like me, then you’ve spent a fitful night tossing and turning with anticipation, because today is the day that iPhone OS 3.0 officially arrives.


Well, toss no more, iPhone OS 3.0 has arrived (iPod touch users go here). If I can manage to actually download it, since Apple’s servers are no doubt taking a severe beating, I’ll probably send a completely unnecessary MMS to my girlfriend and then go back to life as usual. Until I get my camping gear ready for the 3G S line-up Thursday night, anyway.

I realize that it’s cruel and unusual to bring up MMS when so many of you will have to go without, but for once, living in Canada has allowed me to be an early adopter of something, and I’m going to milk that for all it’s worth. Take solace in the fact that adding MMS to my Fido plan will cost me an extra $5 a month.

For a full breakdown of what else you get with your shiny new software, check out this post. Judging by the comments there, some people will only be updating begrudgingly, while simultaneously shaking their fists at Apple for leaving so many seemingly software-only upgrades exclusively to the iPhone 3G S, including video recording and voice control.

What has me really excited about iPhone OS 3.0 isn’t necessarily what has arrived today (although I really had trouble sleeping yesterday…warm milk was almost necessary), but what’s coming in the future from developers thanks to the new APIs available to them. Device support, push notifications, and in-app commerce all represent amazing potential for app makers, and I doubt even the exciting things we’ve already seen will scratch the surface of what’s to come.

You can grab the update from Apple’s servers via your iTunes interface any time now, but do me a favor and everyone hold off for at least a couple hours. I’ve got a pointless MMS I’m itching to send.

112 Responses to “iPhone OS 3.0 Now Available for Download”

  1. Marlene

    I am still trying to download OS 3.0 (have been trying daily for 3 weeks now) and still keep getting the “Network Timed Out” message. This is ludicrous!

  2. I have a first gen iphone. Never upgraded since 2007. Recently did the 3.0 download now my notes app (original app) doesnt work. I can see the list of notes but if I tap one it goes right back to the home screen. I can write a new note but when I tap done it goes right back to the home screen and the note doesnt save. Any ideas?

  3. I don’t Know what happened, but when i tried to download the OS 3.0, It said i had an arrow contacting the itunes store. i tried it 2 more times with the same results. In the Outcome, Itunes ATE 30 of my dollars, and now idont have enough to get the OS 3.0. Any suggestions???

  4. I’ve tried EVERY SINGLE DAY since OS 3.0 came out to download the 230 mb update through iTunes. The most I’ve gotten so far is about 80mb, and I get a Network Timed Out, or other network error. I have no problem with other types of large downloads(even larger), this seems to be isolated to iTunes. I have 8.2 iTunes. Ive tried two different broadband connections, one Wired and one Wireless and I can’t get the download to complete. What’s worse is iTunes won’t keep the unfinished download and resume even if you hit pause, it restarts at 0mb. I’ve read a lot of similar complaints on a lot of websites, yet there doesn’t seem to be any answers anywhere. The apple forums are strangely Silent about this, which I find hard to believe. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can complete this download?

  5. grace

    i hope somebody can help me:

    2 weeks ago, my friend jailbroke my iphone and i was able to download free apps from but after a week, i accidentally uploaded my iphone software to 3.0. Now my iphone is back to its settings when i first bought it. that is fine but the problem is, i cant put new applications anymore. neither applications from nor apps from the itunes store. help!

  6. Have the iphone 3G, second to newest iphone. I downloaded the newest software, everything went fine. I got the voice notes, iphone search engine, copy paste, everything but it doesnt allow me to attach pictures or videos in my texts (doenst even give me an option) and theres no icon for videotaping. Help!

  7. I bought the software for Ipod touch but my computer crashed halfway through the it wasnt properly installed but i think i got charged anyway! any help on how to get it without having to buy it AGAIN?

  8. Esselles

    I thought I had lost all my apps (bar one) then I realised that they had just been shunted sideways and there was an extra page added in… worth double checking before you go uninstalling / reinstalling etc… :)

  9. Denise

    Guys for all of you that couldnt complete the download in itunes,try someone elses computer. My iphone was being updated,but when itunes downloaded I got an error saying it couldnt be completed and the iphone went into recovery mode.

    I put itunes on my brothers laptop and completed the upgrade from there, then I went on to my own comp and restored it to the last back up I had made, everything is working fine now, and all on the new 3.0. Hope this helps.

  10. I’m very angry at the moment. I’ve tried twice to upgrade to 3.0 and my iphone has stopped responding on the verifying software for the second time. being in the middle of nowhere there is not an apple store around and had it replaced once already. The local att dealer cant fix crap. The worst part is they are out of iphones now. Come on apple, way to go this is my first apple product and you have managed to tick me off in only one week into the experience.

  11. christian

    It seems like I am not the only one with version 3.0 problems.
    tried to install it yesterday but my phone crashed and went to recovery mode, was not even able to restore my phone. Had to go to an apple store in the end to get it fixed, quite annoying to spend my day off sorting out this problem. Worst of all though the backup that I did just before the upgrade (or attemted upgrade) was not there anymore. Have lost alot of photoes, contacts and calender inputs.

    Not impressed so far

  12. Downloaded 3.0 today. All apps and information are great. Phone no longers keeps consistent connection to cellular network. Tried resetting network connections and resetting phone. Not in “emergency” call mode, but still won’t let me make calls without drops and static. Ideas?

  13. Roger Kent

    IPhone 4.0 coming after summer with Steve Jobs.

    1)Flash player support
    2)Quick back option without going to home screen while switching between apps.
    3)File browsing and storing
    4)Option to attach images, file etc from email app itself.
    5)Multiple signature options
    6)Manual rotate gesture option
    7)Notes app should be more powerful word process (fonts, text size etc)
    8)All Grouping of contacts for test message e.g. friend and family groups.
    9)App for grouping key social networking sites(for posting universal photos, text to all social networking sites together.
    10) Auto spell check in safari browser (like mozilla) when adding text in twitter, facebook leaving comments at blog etc.
    11)Build in Flash in camera for night photo shot
    12) Front facing camera for video Chat
    13) Use cover flow for using multitasking third party apps (limit to 5 apps, not to drain the battery life)
    14)Thin quick time player app to run video downloaded from web.
    15)Group notification alert or not attended tasks(missed MMS, SMS, PHONE, Chat message, meeting, event etc)on single screen.

    Roger Kent

  14. I can see my apps in the itunes folder of my phone, but they won’t download, including one that i just downloaded three times. i have the new 3.0, which seems to be finally working okay. Yesterday, I had many of the issues described above, but then, out of the blue, they resolved themselves.
    Thanks for help on downloading my apps.
    Oh, and is there a setting where I can increase the font of browser, which is miniscule? I’m only middle aged, yet have a hard time reading some sites.
    Thanks, again.

  15. I’ve got really great news!!!

    I don’t know if this will hold true for all of the Apps, but looks like it might! If you have a lot of Apps you’ll likely not recall all of them, but you can open up your account in iTunes on your computer while you search for and “buy”/get for free all of the Apps that you had. It first asks if you want to buy it and you say “Yes”, but then it pulls up a window saying that you have already purchased it (even if it was free it still says this) and asks if you want to download it again.


    I installed Headspace again and when I opened it my old data was there!!!

    So maybe this is the drill? The data for the Apps looks to be backed up, just not the Apps themselves.

    Did it say this anywhere? I would have liked to have known what to expect with this. What a great relief!

    I have now gone through re-installation of all of the Apps that I had and they did in fact have all of the data waiting for them in the iPhone’s member?

    • You are correct, the data for apps is part of the backup, but not the apps themselves. However, the apps should all be in the iTunes library on your computer, and will re-synchronize from there after the data is restored. If an application is showing up in your iTunes library on your computer, but not on your phone, look at the Applications tab in the sync settings in iTunes. There are two options, sync all apps and sync selected apps — or it’s possible, I suppose, that Sync Applications got unchecked completely; if that happened then all the apps on the phone would stay there, but new ones bought on the phone wouldn’t transfer to iTunes and vice versa.

      Also, if you go to the iTunes Store, and click on your e-mail address in the upper right corner, you will be taken to your account information page. Select Purchase History, and you can see all your past orders and re-assemble your list of applications, so that you can download them again.

  16. liberalaccidental

    I updated to 3.0 yesterday, received lots of problems.

    First Iphone froze, I reset several times until it worked.

    Then apps stopped working. I removed and reinstalled one of the apps and then all apps started working again

    Now, I cannot sync. I connect my IPhone and iTunes does not recognize it, it keeps telling me that it cannot identify it. I reinstalled iTunes and the iPhone drivers as well. I don’t know what’s going on and don’t know how am I going to fix this if I am not able to sync with my PC. Please help!!!!

  17. I don’t know if this is related to the new 3.0 software, but I haven’t been able to connect to 3G. I just noticed it. Anyone else having this issue. Also after rebooting it takes a minute before it even connect to the edge network.

  18. zuhldar

    I want to update the software on my iPhone to the 3.0 OS. Problem is…they block the Appstore at the office and my 3G connection at home has a 512 MByte connection. Where can I donwload this from, apart from the Appstore through iTunes?

  19. Tried updating, needed to restore my iPhone, eventually managed to do the restore, from backup made about 10 minutes before teh update, but it restored NO apps! When I check in iTunes, not all my apps are in the applications section. What ‘s going on!! Tried downloading an app I’ve previoiusly paid for on app store, it tried charging me again!

    • It won’t charge you again if you have previously downloaded the same app on the same account. My first thought is that some apps have confusing multiple versions — for example, Simplify Media released a 2.0 version that you have to pay for, while leaving the 1.0 version on the store; and there are endless variations on the Lite vs. Pro releases. Maybe you had one version before, and tried to download a related application?

      Your application data is restored as part of the backup, so your data will be there when you get the app reinstalled.

    • I mentioned this below to another commentor, but it may help you as well — if you go to the iTunes Store, and click on your e-mail address in the upper right corner, you will be taken to your account information page. Select Purchase History, and you can see all your past orders and re-assemble your list of applications, so that you can download them again.

  20. Jason Atkins

    this was the issue I had when I first updated. In the end I connected to iTunes and accepted thru there. I believe it may be a server lag issue though. keep trying, It’ll work sooner or later :-) ‘copied and pasted from Notes……cause I can’ :-)

  21. Robert

    When I attempt to upgrade or download an app, I’m told to accept the new iTunes terms & conditions agreement. I do this,however, nothing happens. Over and over again I am prompted to do this, but same runaround.

    • I wonder if it is actually doing nothing. I have just waited and my second attempt at restoring has taken upwards of 3 hours.

      I’m on 1500kbps ADSL, so not fast, but not the reason for it taking so long either. I am now nearly done and will see if it has applications this time…..

      It’s rebooted…

      Not a one. Nothing but the native iPhone apps. What can I say. I feel really bummed about this. There’s so much missing.

      Why is this so hard?

      What else can be done to make this work? This is my second attempt and it looks like I have to re-install all 3rd party apps. The phone call, sms and Calendar data are all there from before. The contacts are all there. Emails are there again. Not sure if that’s downloading again. Notes are there. Photos are back. Just 5 pages of empty home screens where all of those cool applications were, and all of their data…

      It’s feels like after a house fire a bit. I feel thankful for what is there. That’s for sure. The contacts and calendar and all that are really wonderful.

      Last time I upgraded the OS I lost the Apps AND photos. That was really sad. Now I know how to back them up properly, so have the photos ok. If it’s any consolation to the others saying it tries to make you pay for the applications again I have found that it won’t charge you again if you have bought it in the past. Must be from your same iTunes account, but if that’s the same then it acts like it’s going to charge and then it doesn’t.

      Good luck everyone. This blows. Lucky that the new OS is quite nice. Still no video with sound like the cheapest phones around now. It’s funny what the iPhone doesn’t have. I’ve heard that if you get the new 3rd generation iPhone you can have movies??? Is that right?

      Enough writing. I have a fair bit of work to do to get the main applications that I normally use back on here.

    • @Mark: Have you installed applications on your iPhone that never made it into your iTunes library, on your computer; or deleted them from your computer but not from your phone? The applications are re-synchronized from your iTunes library after the phone is updated, so if they’re not in iTunes on your Mac or PC, they won’t automatically re-sync. You can still reinstall them by going to the iTunes Store, telling it to “buy” them again, at which point instead of the normal “Are you sure you want to buy this?” prompt you’ll get a “You have bought this already, do you want to download it again?” prompt. Your application data is included in the backups, so after you reinstall third-party applications, the data will just be there.

  22. Once you begin your update you are not to touch ANYTHING until the update is finished. You will receive a message when all is finished. Maybe you can Unplug the iphone and try again

    Perhaps you may want to Reset the default and try again…. but you may loose your data ( i only have an iPod Touch so i don’t know what might go awry with a reset) I have reset my iPod Touch on a number of occasions without any loses.

  23. victor

    I’m having trouble while downloading the update. itunes keeps telling me there is an -3256 error. I did what’s on the support page, but it didn’t work. Can somebody help me?