iPhone 3.0 Feature Overview While You Wait for the Download


iphone-3-softwareWell, Apple (s AAPL) hasn’t yet released the iPhone 3.0 software, but it should be here soon. I’m anticipating that the Apple servers will be slammed, so I’ve been perusing prior iPhone coverage to make sure I know everything there is to know about the new release.

Somehow I missed the substantial post at our sister site, The Apple Blog, a few weeks back. They put together a list of iPhone 3.0 things you knew and some you didn’t, as it were. Good reading to pass the time while we wait for the download to arrive and then transfer!

My most anticipated feature is support for HTML5. I’m curious to see who is going to really take advantage of that and how they’ll do so.



I do love my iPhone, despite not really liking apple. I have done the 3.0 upgrade, although I like the new search and copy & paste. I am unsure how the landscape feature works… other than that it’s okay but not really a revolutionary upgrade. I only wish they would add a pen function so you can sketch and write with a stylus. My touch HD has both finger touch and stylus functions.

Tax Man

A few months ago, I switched from my original iPhone to a Blackberry Bold. Until today, I could take the SIM out of my BB and use it in my original iphone with no problems. Today, I upgraded my iPhone to 3.0 and I can no longer use the BB SIM. When I try to open safari or email it says it can’t connect because I don’t have a data plan. This all worked just fine under 2.2.1. If you have an old iPhone that you are using with some other SIM and data plan, don’t upgrade to 3.0! It does still work with wifi as an iPod touch, but I wish I hadn’t made the change.


Thanks Everson….does make it a bit lame as an upgrade…what is taking Apple so long…voice notes…not really worth it. Looks like the main reason to get the upgrade is cut and paste. Sad, it is still lacking a great deal as a business phone. What I am asking for is pretty basic functionality.



can you forward meeting requests yet ? Or add people to a meeting ? Can you attach items to an email ? Can you go quickly to the top of the list of contacts quickly if you have a lot contacts ?

Can you flag emails?

Those are functions which would be really useful. Otherwise is still lacking behind phones which are 2 years old.


No. No. No. No. And no!

You can do voice notes now though!
And search!


You can add invitees to a meeting. You can’t attach files to an email. You could always go quickly to the top of the contacts list by tapping the status bar (where the time is.) You can’t flag emails. For email and calendar the iphone can’t touch a blackberry or even a windows mobile device but the iphone has other advantages.

Art Kavanagh

I’m downloading it now but those servers must be busy. An estimated 3 hours for a 230 MB download? Maybe I’ll pause it and come back tomorrow.


Started downloading at 13:20. Updating now.


btw fab…get over it.

Chris S

Damn, I’m at work, Cant wait to get home to download.


If you are in the US, start downloading the Iphone Update :)
its here

Simon Dale

3.0 downloading for me now. It appeared about 18.15 GMT in the UK.


fab, “jk” is a mobile device site….. the iphone is a mobile device….. please remove the bookmark and more importantly save us from your arrogant and inane comments.


..hm..i think i will have to remove jkontherun from my bookmarks. even though i really like(ed) the site, it starts to be another iphone-site. it’s not all about this closed, arrogant and disrespectful company.


Where have you been during all the Palm Pre posts?

One thing I have learned is that JK on the Run are quite capable of getting excited about any new development across all mobile platforms.

And for that reason, I applaud this site.

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