Intel My Wi-Fi: Is Anyone Using It?


Last summer, we saw a video of Intel’s (s intc) My Wi-Fi service, and it looked promising. Using the Wi-Fi hardware and software from Intel, you can use My Wi-Fi to create a wireless PAN, or Personal Area Network. Eight wireless devices can connect to the PAN to share data, and I believe can share the Internet connection, but I’m not positive on that particular feature. I was hoping to try it out with the long-term evaluation Lenovo X301, but since this model supports WiMAX and Wi-Fi, it doesn’t appear to be compatible with My Wi-Fi. I’ve upgraded the drivers and software, but no luck.

While I can’t test My Wi-Fi right now, I suspect many of you can. But do you know it? Here’s a list of two dozen notebook brand and models that do support it — more than I figured would do so. Bunches of Lenovo ThinkPad and IdeaPads are on the list, as are some models from HP, Dell and one from ASUS. Essentially, if your device has an Intel Wi-Fi Link 1000, 5100 or Intel Ultimate N WiFi Link 5300 adapter, you should be able to use My Wi-Fi.

Are any of you using it? I thought it would come in really handy to transfer photos to a computer directly from a Wi-Fi camera-phone, similar to how the Eye-Fi Pro works.

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