Crabble: Foldable Phone Stand Fits in Your Wallet

crabble-landscapeI wish more handset makers would simply include a stand with their phones. Very few do, but as we consume more video content on our mobile devices, there’s a greater need for some type of stand solution. Seskimo offers one called the Crabble, and I’d say it’s worth the $5 price.

We first mentioned this last month and there is now a nice video of it in action so it’s worth mentioning again. Crabble can hold your handset in either portrait or landscape while you view content. The smart design makes it easy to change the viewing angle between 45º and 80º simply by changing the distance between the legs. Those legs have feet, too: They’re wrapped in non-slip silicone. Perhaps the best part is that the Crabble can fit flat in a billfold or can be folded up for a standard wallet for easy portability.


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