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Counting Down to iPhone 3.0 OS

Update: The new OS is available for download, reports TheAppleBlog.  AT&T is also offering more subsides for iPhone 3G S even if you still have not met your contract obligations. I guess we should thank Ron Lewis for this lowering of surcharge

The world (or at least iPod Touch and iPhone owners) is eagerly awaiting the release of the new iPhone 3.0 OS, which is likely to be available for download at 10 a.m. PDT. There have been rumors flying around that the download is going to be late by a day.

These rumors are patently false. We have not heard anything otherwise, and there seems to be a time-zone confusion. A Computerworld report is based on information published on a web site in Singapore. Given that Singapore is 15 hours ahead of PDT, it will be 1 a.m. on June 18 local time that the software will be available for download in that country.

For me, the killer feature is cut, copy and paste. And I would say, Find My iPhone would be the other great feature, but I use an iPod Touch, which almost never really leaves my tiny apartment. Anyway, are you planning to upgrade? If so, what are the features you are excited about?

10 Responses to “Counting Down to iPhone 3.0 OS”

  1. My Palm Pre has cut/copy/paste and I’ve used it once. I just haven’t needed such a feature on my original iPhone these past two years. Perhaps I’m in the minority. I’m looking forward to seeing what devs can do with the HTML5 support in the new iPhone firmware.

  2. For the car and gym they key for me is stereo Bluetooth streaming capabilities with A2DP. No more wires, to stream music to by ears or car stereo. Also external modem and the speed. Cut and Paste.

  3. You wrote: “For me, the killer feature is cut, copy and paste”.
    Killer feature? Really? Since when has cut/copy/paste become a killer feature?

  4. hi om,
    its 12:55 here in singapore and i’m eagerly waiting for the update (well to be precise i have been waiting for the most basics of mobile phone features since i got my hands on the device). so, copy/paste, fwd sms, share contacts, push notifications is making me wait for it at the wee hrs.

  5. I have been using the 3.0 for months now (dev version), I have been actively using copy/paste and spotlight search actively. Though I am waiting for push notifications on apps that i use.

  6. Copy/Paste should have been included from the beginning, not 2 1/2 years later, but its nice to see it appear finally. Push Notifications also should have been in there at the start in some form or another.