Breaking- iPhone 3G S Early Subsidy Now Offered By AT&T

Image courtesy of TheAppleBlog

Yes, I know. Another iPhone (s AAPL) post. But I think many folks are going to like this news because it might save a few bucks on a new iPhone 3G S. We just got direct word that AT&T (s T) will be allowing some current iPhone 3G customers to purchase a new iPhone 3G S at the fully subsidized price with as little as 11 months on their contract:

“we are changing the date when some iPhone 3G customers are eligible for our best upgrade pricing on the new iPhone 3G S. Beginning June 19, iPhone 3G customers eligible for an upgrade in July, August, or September will get our best upgrade price of $199 (16 GB) and $299 (32 GB).”

Obviously, this doesn’t impact every iPhone 3G owner, but given the carrier-subsidy business model, it’s a decent gesture. AT&T will even provide a refund if you’re now eligible for the lowest iPhone price and have pre-ordered at a higher price. I’ve confirmed this news on AT&T’s Facebook page which has all of the details. OK, that’s it for iPhone posts for now. Time to go download 3.0!