Apparently, There are No Longer Slow Boats From China

ups-tracking-iphone3gsTechnically, those iPhone 3G S handsets are likely coming by plane from Shenzhen, China, but color me impressed. Like many others, I received a shipment notification from Apple in the wee early morning hours today. Actually, I received two notices, because Barb’s phone is on the way also. She wasn’t sure which color she wanted (actually, she wanted silver, like she has now) so we ordered one “chocolate” and one “vanilla” iPhone 3G S.

It absolutely blows my mind how Apple coordinates these large, precisely timed deliveries with the factory in China and UPS. I know my delivery date shows as tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure that UPS will hold our phones, and most everyone else’s, until the 19th. There’s a few that will probably show up a day early, but that will be a small trickle compared to the Friday flood.

By the way, those old iPhones are getting a refresh to version 3.0 today. Anyone planning on downloading and updating right away? What features are you most excited about? Better yet: What features do you think are still missing?


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