Altec Lansing Back Beat 903 Stereo Bluetooth ‘phones Arrived

back-beat-903While we were waiting for new iPhones and their A2DP stereo Bluetooth support to arrive, another delivery arrived. The folks over at Altec Lansing sent me their Back Beat 903 Bluetooth stereo headphones to review. These $99 headphones fit in the ear and have a small cord that goes behind your head. The in-ear ‘phones help block out ambient background noise to help isolate your music or voice conversation.

Yes, I said voice conversation, because the 903s have a built-in microphone as well. Since they use an in-ear design, I wouldn’t use this for phone calls while driving, but sitting around anywhere else is a good scenario. I’m very curious how well the sound quality is from the other end of a call: the mic on the 903s isn’t a boom mic, so it’s far closer to the ear than the mouth.

My Palm Pre already supports A2DP, so I’ll probably give these a listen before my iPhone 3G S arrives. And after, too. Oh, I just realized — I have a several-hour conference call this afternoon. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to get some feedback on the audio quality.


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