What Display Meltdown? Big Brands Actually Upped Their Spending In Q1

Spending forecasts for display ads have been particularly grim — but new ad sales data from Nielsen actually shows that some of the biggest brands actually spent 27 percent more on display ads in Q109 vs. Q108. And one of their primary spending targets was YouTube, as display ad impression volume on the site jumped by nearly 580 percent year-over-year.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands like P&G tend to have some of the deepest pockets when it comes to advertising — but up until recently, they’d only been incrementally increasing their digital spending (per AdAge). The Nielsen AdRelevance stats show that the tide is shifting: CPG advertisers spent over $156 million on display ads in Q1, up 27 percent year-over-year. It’s also worth noting the top three sites they chose to spend more on: YouTube (with impression counts up nearly 580 percent), AOL.com (with impressions up 179 percent) and Oprah.com (up 57 percent).


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