Perez Hilton Wants To Cosy Up To Advertisers!

Perez Hilton

When you think of Perez Hilton, the phrase “advertiser friendly” doesn’t jump to mind. But the shock blogger is planning a new site that promises to be just that, according to MediaPost. That’s a big leap from Hilton’s current site,, which specializes in very short, exclamation-mark filled entries mocking celebrities. It calls itself “Hollywood’s Most-Hated Website!”

Henry Copeland, the CEO of, which sells ads for, tells paidContent that the new site is expected to launch in August and that more details will be made public in coming weeks. One impetus for the move may be the success of Microsoft’s new MSN Wonderwall site, which launched earlier this year to impressive traffic and has proudly sold itself to advertisers as “snark-free.” Lloyd Braun, the co-owner of BermanBraun, which is partnering with Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) on Wonderwall, said in April that “Wonderwall is a site that you don’t have to take a shower after you’ve read. Advertisers want no part of that. We


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