More MySpace Musical Chairs: Co-Founder Anderson Sticking Around; So Will Berman

After the bloodbath at MySpace yesterday, which we’ve confirmed did not include anyone in senior management, speculation about who among the top group will stay is rampant: Kara shakes down some sources and comes up with some names that are staying, and who is leaving:

— Cofounder Tom Anderson, who didn’t leave when Chris DeWolfe was ousted earlier this year, is still president, we’ve confirmed, despite reports that he has no title; that is likely to change but no one is pushing him out of MySpace. As Kara notes, “His historical knowledge and his tight relationship with the MySpace community make it important that he remain at the company.” Remains to be seen if that will stay true in another few months as MySpace goes in for complete retooling of their product. Tom’s everybody’s friend on MySpace, and undoing that may be, well, a tad difficult, so maybe they’ll let him hang around, if only for that…

Jeff Berman, MySpace