2 Responses to “iPhone Apps Not Necessarily The Right Path For Advertisers”

  1. Pizzaboy

    iPhone and appstores are a buzz word in the moment. Java is still THE mobile platform across the world. Not everyone wants an iPhone! Its cool no discussion about it but is everyone driving a Porsche or Jaguar out in the world? If you want to make money you need to be on all the platforms including Java, RIM (BB), and iPhone for the PR and the cool marketing. Making money on iPhone is getting more and more difficult! To sell Java is for sure not easy but more planable than releasing 1 title in the flood of new titles on the app store every day.

  2. Magnus

    We get 3-4 iphone app requests every day from advertisers which is great but I agree that the reach is limited. Usually it's more about PR. Journalists still love to write about iPhone apps and therefore you normally get a full return on investment in less than a week. We currently get at about 20x as many downloads for the Java version (covers symbian, blackberry, windows mobile, palm treo, etc as well) when we deliver both.

    I'm wondering who is spending 250.000 USD on an iphone app however? We find most budgets currently to be about 20k-40k USD for iPhone apps includign design, development and overhead which I think is more reasonable.

    Magnus Jern
    Golden Gekko