Interview: Part II: Jeff Zucker: Live Streaming Top Events Devalues Olympics

In the two years since Jeff Zucker became president and CEO of NBC Universal (NYSE: GE), he’s shifted the digital strategy more than once; played an important role in creating the joint venture dubbed “ClownCo” by doubters and transforming it into Hulu; approved putting thousands of Olympic hours on broadband; and stared down Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) over iTunes pricing. During the first part of his interview with paidContent, Zucker said NBCU will make more than $1 billion from its combined digital efforts. In this second installment of edited excerpts, Zucker goes into more detail about some of those efforts including Hulu’s future, why we won’t see live streaming of primetime Olympics events, international plans, his dislike of premiering shows online and more.

Staci D. Kramer: You said in December that you were surprised by how online video advertising came to a standstill in Q4. Has that changed in the first half of ’09?
Jeff Zucker: I think the two things that are still really valuable online are search and video. It clearly has slowed down. We’ll see where it comes back to. The thing in our world that people want, certainly, is video.

Do you feel comfortable with the idea that Hulu could be an agent for TV Everywhere, the idea that you’d be able to come in and see some things for free still but make the content like Bravo, most of which you don’t put online, available in real time?
I think all those things are on the table and certainly things we