DirecTV Wants In On Geo-Targeted Ad Biz; Will Launch Option In 2011


Credit: programwitch

Add *DirecTV* to the roster of companies like *Google*, *TiVo* and Canoe Ventures (the cable company consortium), that are trying to cash in on the still-nascent trend of targeted TV ads. DirecTV (NYSE: DTV) is partnering with N.J.-based startup Invidi Technologies so that it can start serving geo-targeted ads across its satellite network. It will be an upgrade from the east or west coast targeting that DirecTV currently offers, since advertisers will be able to reach viewers in a specific Zip code, political district, and even household.

The caveat is that marketers won’t get to geo-target on DirecTV’s network until 2011, per the WSJ, meaning that rivals like Google (NSDQ: GOOG) (and partner EchoStar) will have at least a whole extra year to continue brokering “seven figure” deals — all while building a track record with advertisers.

But the wait could actually turn into a good thing, since lawmakers continue to focus on the impact that digital advertising is having on consumer privacy. (Congress, for example, is having a joint subcommittee meeting to tackle the privacy issue this Thursday).

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