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Boston Globe, Union Talk For More Than 26 Hours — And It’s Not Enough

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Despite 26-plus hours of talk — on top of the endless hours from the last go round — the search continues for a resolution between the Boston Globe and its largest union, the Boston Newspaper Guild, following last week’s failed concession vote. Representatives for the two started the marathon Monday in what was supposed to be an “informational” meeting but really was an excuse to get them all in the same room.

That meeting lasted for 13 hours, then picked up again Tuesday for 13-plus hours. The results: sore throats maybe but no answer to the impasse that is costing Guild members 23 percent of their paycheck. They have agreed to meet again formally next Monday, with informal phone chats in the interim. In the meantime, a Globe spokesman said the pay cut remains in effect. Given a union rule that requires 30 days between proposal and vote, it looks like a rougher summer than expected for Guild members.

Dan Totten, the Guild executive director whose last-minute hard words towards the company may have helped narrow the vote last week, said Wednesday, according to the Globe, that he is “optimistic” about reaching an agreement after the most recent talks.

Globe reporter Michael Paulson, a Guild member monitoring the negotiations, told the paper the majors issues are changing the $10 million concession package to lower the original 8.5 percent pay cut and how the company handles the current 23 percent pay cut during the interim between agreement and implementation.