AT&T Reconsiders Upgrade Fees For iPhone 3G Owners


AT&T (NYSE: T) has just announced that it will be waiving the additional upgrade fees for some subscribers, who have been very vocal about having to pay hundreds of dollars to upgrade to the iPhone 3G S when they are just weeks away from being eligible for a new device. Release.

In preparation for the phone’s launch on Friday, AT&T wrote today: “We


Tricia Duryee

Hi Bo, I'm not sure what you are referring to. Your contract will expire based on how much you pay every month for your phone, and when you bought your phone, so it's possible that some people would be expiring during the months of July, August and September. The source is on this one is AT&T. Tricia


Are you sure you are counting the numbers right?

"AT&T said starting tomorrow, iPhone 3G customers who are eligible for an upgrade in July, August or September"

For 3G users, the earliest you can upgrade is in december. So this act of "kindness" by AT&T doesn't apply to 3G users at all.

Can you please check your sources and repost?

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