TweetDeck for iPhone About to Launch for Free


tweetdeck-iphone.PNGI never thought it would be one of the most used services on my phone, but it’s true. I’m often checking Twitter and posting tweets when away from my computers, and a handheld device is perfect for me to do that. The arbitrary 140-character limit means I won’t be typing huge amounts of data, so a basic phone with practically any input system would work.

But Twitter isn’t just about posting short blurbs. To get the most out of it, you have to filter the signal from the noise, and TweetDeck is a great way to do that. Only problem: TweetDeck isn’t mobile. Or is it?

Kevin Rose of Digg fame says TweetDeck for the iPhone is coming soon, and he’s got the screencaps to prove it. How soon? Mashable pegs the launch time at 9pm Pacific Time tonight, which is just a few short hours away. Best of all, they say that TweetDeck will be free.

The app offers several great features that I wouldn’t expect in a mobile Twitter client:

  • Column-based friend groups
  • TweetDeck desktop syncing
  • Facebook toolbar-like status updates

One feature I’m really curious about is photo integration with TwitPic. I find that I’m snapping pics of various locations and objects to share with the Twitter peeps who follow me on a regular basis.

(via Twitter of course)



i use tweetdeck for my normal tweeting life, though I installed tweetdeck on my iphone and it crashed twice..waiting for stable version

Dave Zatz

AND It has a Palm Pre UI with alerts and cards. I don’t use a desktop client, but I’ll set up TweetDeck to organize followees and backup my phone.

Ricky Cadden

Actually, the 140-character limit isn’t arbitrary – it’s there because initially, Twitter was an SMS-heavy service, and it still is, for a lot of folks. By keeping the updates to 140-characters, they ensure that you get the same content if you use SMS notifications.

It also happens to be convenient to keep folks from droning on and on about stuff. ;)

Dave Zatz

On a computer or device like the iPhone, 140 is short and appears arbitrary. But the wireless phone people must think of it as a SMS standard.

Dave Zatz

PS #2 After Twitteriffic went to 2.0, I went to Tweetie full time. It’s trying to do too much. Though it looks pretty. Surprised TweetDeck is free. Hope they have a plan. Seeing if it’s available for an ota download yet.

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