Opera Unite Adds to My “Personal Cloud” Quest


Image 1 for post Opera CEO interviewed- Opera Mini has 19 million users( 2008-10-30 12:01:39) I just attended a web conference led by Opera where the company showed off the new Opera Unite platform. Essentially, Unite turns the Opera browser into both a client and a server. Here are the highlights from Opera’s perspective:

  • Easy file sharing that you control without a third party. Opera Unite will create a direct URL for any files you share from your computer. You can offer that URL to friends for file or folder sharing.
  • Run a web server that you can share or host from your computer.
  • Playback media stored on your computer from any browser on a remote computer.
  • Photo sharing creates an online image gallery from your computer.
  • Direct chat through “The Lounge” feature which provides a peer-to-peer chat system.
  • Developers can create apps which you can then install within Unite. The apps and their data run on your home computer, but can be accessed from any browser. Perhaps this too will fit into the quest for my “personal cloud”? I want to run my apps locally and access them remotely, without the need for a third party.

There’s quite a few exciting possibilities here, so again, I want to see the Opera presentation. In the meantime, you can download and use the Opera Unite preview for Windows, Mac or Linux today with Opera 10.

My initial takeaway is that Opera has made it easy for anyone to run a web server with fun and useful features. It reminds me of the same approach offered by PogoPlug: power users can run their own server boxes, but common folks generally can’t or don’t. The sharing services appear comparable to many others in this space, so the real meat could be in third-party apps, since Unite is also a platform. Unfortunately, I can’t see hordes of developers latch on just yet. There’s simply too much “low-hanging fruit” in terms of developing apps for the mobile space right now.

I did ask if Opera Unite would be supported on mobile phone browsers like Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, WebKit (iPhone, Android, WebOS) and Internet Explorer (Windows Mobile). No such luck just yet, but Opera is definitely looking at it in the future.



This is pretty ironic, I just searched ‘personal cloud’ assuming that nobody had used the term and it turns out you did. I agree that Opera Unite is getting closer to how the Internet and cloud computing SHOULD be like.

IMHO, the personal cloud doesn’t just end at ‘web serving’ and Opera Unite is just the tip of the ice berg. We need to be moving away from centralized storage.

I’d be interested to see what you think of my post on the ‘personal cloud’:



Putting that capability on a mobile device would indeed be pretty spectacular. For now though I must say I am pretty pleased to even have this on my laptop. What I like too is that other people who don’t have Opera can access my stuff… certainly not to be taken for granted these days. If you are interested, I put together a short little guide to Opera Unite. Feel free to check it out, thanks.

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