Minty Boost: Charges Palm Pre and Freshens Breath, Too

mintyboost_MEDukdiveboy offers proof that you can charge your Palm Pre with a Minty Boost. The device is a homebrew USB charger that uses standard AA batteries to provide a boost to your mobile devices, like the iPod shown here. You can build one yourself using the $19.50 Minty Boost kit available from Adafruit.

Twenty bucks, combined with the Pre’s marginal battery life, just might the ticket for me. It would be easy to keep the small tin and two batteries in a gear bag for use in a pinch. Plus, it works with a ton of other devices that can be charged over USB. Thanks to the minty freshness, this post definitely gets tagged in the “cool stuff” category. ;)

(via My Treo 750v and I)

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