Joost Now on Your PS3 (Minus Big Content Partners)

Joost Labs launched a version of its web TV service for the PlayStation 3 today, making it accessible on your television set via the game console. Well, making some of Joost’s content accessible on your PS3 — just not anything from Viacom (s VIA), Warner Bros. (s TWX) or CBS (s CBS).
To launch Joost, PS3 owners select the Network icon on the PlayStation, open the Internet browser, press start and enter in the address field. The navigation has been optimized for the PS3 game controller.

The Joost news comes just a day after research from In-Stat predicted that game consoles would remain the dominant delivery mechanism for web video on television sets through 2013. The migration of newteevee to oldteevee is one we’ve been keeping tabs on here, and it looks like Joost has run into the same hurdle Boxee and Hulu.

Studios and networks are all for putting their content online, but they don’t want it to be an end-run around traditional TV operators, giving people a reason to cut their cable cords. This attitude resulted in the official removal of Hulu from Boxee, and when Hulu recently released its desktop app, it expressly forbid running it on anything other than a PC.

We don’t have a PS3, so if any NewTeeVee readers out there do, fire up Joost and tell us how well it works.