HTC TouchFLO 3D: Separating the Interface From Windows Mobile

htctouchdiamond_hqHTC is making the best Windows Mobile phones today. Its Touch and Touch Pro lines of Windows Mobile phones have pushed the limits of the aging phone OS and brought it into the modern age. The hardware of the HTC phones is impressive, but the TouchFLO 3D interface is the magic that makes the Touch lines hot sellers. This interface is dazzling to look at and works extremely well by touch, which is a hot consumer item. HTC has almost totally separated the user interface from the Windows Mobile platform.

HTC has done such a good job with the TouchFLO 3D interface that it has effectively separated the UI from the operating system. Sure, there are technical things under the hood (the operating system), but the average consumer doesn’t care about them. TouchFLO has become the de facto face of HTC Windows Mobile phones, at least the most innovative and popular ones. This is good for consumers, and great for HTC, but not so good for Microsoft. What is stopping HTC from porting TouchFLO to the Android platform?

HTC is the first and biggest maker of Android phones. It produced the T-Mobile G1 and the upcoming myTouch. What if it produced an Android phone with a TouchFLO interface? It would effectively remove Windows Mobile from the equation and still have a phone that looked like one to consumers. It would have the marketing buzz of being a “modern” phone with Android inside — a Windows Mobile phone without Windows Mobile. It is certainly food for thought for this geek.


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