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Free Stuff App Hits the iPhone

Free Stuff AppSome folks spend a lot of time looking for free stuff — those contests and surveys that have a payoff at the end of a little bit of effort. It’s a bigger trend than you might think. I recently saw a news program devoted to explaining how some folks get thousands of dollars of free goods, and even cash, by tracking these offers down and participating in a lot of them. Those efforts may get a little easier with the release of the Free Stuff App for the iPhone, which promises to bring these offers right to your hand.

What kind of free stuff does the app track?

  • Free Stuff
  • Free Money
  • Contests for Free Stuff
  • Surveys for Free Stuff
  • Free Shipping Offers

We don’t know how good these are, but the app is free, as is the stuff, so let us know if you try it.

3 Responses to “Free Stuff App Hits the iPhone”

  1. Derrick Johnson

    Concept seems solid. Saw the description in the app store, sorta “rally the community.” I found a few offers of interest. Would love to see it get some mass going – more free stuff the better!