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Riversimple Aims to Launch Open Source Hydrogen Car: Riversimple will make engineering designs for the hydrogen car it unveiled today in London available online in order to allow local manufacturing in small plants. — BBC

German Solar Firms Eye North African Solar Project: A consortium of about 10 firms based in Germany reportedly plan to invest some $560 billion next month in a 100 GW solar project in several countries in north Africa that would supply power to Europe. — AFP

What’s Renewable? As is typical with land-use policy decisions, the question of what sources of biomass are “renewable” has become a sticking point for lawmakers working on climate and energy legislation. — ClimateWire via NYT

Climate Change, Here and Now: A new report released by federal scientists finds climate change, which is already raising temperatures, rainfall and sea levels throughout the U.S., is on track to become a much bigger threat in the coming century. — Washington Post

Cleantech as Manufacturing Savior: “The captains of industry who gathered Monday at the National Summit all seemed to agree on one thing: The United States needs to be a world leader in clean technologies.” — Detroit Free Press