Ask a Question @ Structure 09: Are Private Enterprise Clouds a Good First Step?

structure-logo-for-postsIn the last year, cloud computing has moved from being a great idea to a great growth industry. Deploying cloud computing affects operations, organizational behavior and much more. Every problem is an opportunity for a clever provider somewhere.

One of our most important panels at Structure 09 will look at how enterprises are taking their first steps towards cloud computing by using existing internal infrastructure in a cloud-like manner. George Gilbert, a leading industry analyst, will helm the panel of practitioners and vendors. Here is a link to the panel:

We’d like to to know what question you would ask if you were the moderator, and to whom? We will give two passes, valued at over $1,000, for the person who offers up the best question — and we’ll make sure your question gets asked.

Please send your question with the panel title as the subject line, to [email protected]. You have 7 calendar days from this post to enter and winners will be notified directly. Good Luck!