3 Responses to “Smartphone Bits: Blackberry Tour; Nokia Updated E72, 5530 XpressMusic; Samsung’s Touchscreen Jet”

  1. Mobile Weather system

    The Palm Pre with the brand new Web OS is getting good reviews, but is still a first generation device.

    The I phone is only fully compatible with Mac's, and without a physical keyboard it will be slower to type than something with one. That said it is pretty, and the screen is nice.

    The G1 might be worth considering too, it has a keyboard, touch screen and has the best browser of any hand held.

  2. I've been using Blackberries for over a year now (and have several of them to date). I'm not necessarily an "expert" on BB's but I know more than the average user.

    I'm a gadget addict with full blown Blackberry addiction :-) If you have never had one and don't know what I mean when I say that don't worry, you will soon enough ;-) They say once you go BlackBerry you can never go back and for the most part that is true. I have had several Blackberries on Verizon (8830 World Edition, Curve 8930, Storm 9530, and soon to be the Tour 9630) which is my preferred carrier. But I do have a line on AT&T because I could not resist the Bold any longer. Soon I will have an unlocked TMobile BB 8900 Curve and swap that back and forth with my Curve (the wonders of a SIM card).

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