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Former MySpace Exec’s Lifestyle Startup Cocodot Gets Funding

Former MySpace head of marketing (back from a different era, when MySpace ruled the roost) Shawn Gold has formed a new startup called Cocodot, and has raised a million dollars in funding. The seed investors in the Los Angeles-based venture include Anthem Venture Partners, The Mail Room Fund, and other investors. The SEC filing shows that about $500K was raised from a total of six investors, but that’s from April. Not many details about the company, but from what Techcrunch has on it, and what Gold told me, rather cryptically — “we have been developing cocodot in consultation with top brass at several fortune 500 companies in retail, technology and beauty”– it may have something to do with a high-end Evite of sorts, with fashion and offline connections. A beta launch is expected sometime this summer. The company was co-founded, among others, by Gold and his wife Amy Neunsinger, a well-known fashion photog. Couple of the other execs are ex-Target employees (as their LinkedIn profiles show), so that means likely some retail tie-in are to be expected.

Gold left MySpace in Oct 2007, and started his own social media consulting firm SocialApproach after. Prior to MySpace he was the president of Weblogs Inc that sold to AOL (NYSE: TWX) in 2005.

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