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Structure 09: Sustainable Cloud Computing

structure-logo-for-postsLast year, our parent company, the GigaOM Network, held its first Structure conference looking at the future of cloud computing and how on-demand computing infrastructure will change web businesses. This month, Structure’s back and will be featuring awesome speakers like CEO Marc Benioff and Akamai CEO Paul Sagan. It will be held on June 25 at San Francisco’s Mission Bay Conference Center. While the daylong event isn’t focused exclusively on energy-efficient aspects of cloud computing (check out my argument for how the cloud is greener by design in this GigaOM Pro story), it will touch on the larger and crucial aspect of how power will be used for the cloud and data centers.

Last year at Structure, and this year at our GreenNet conference in March, Jonathan Koomey, project scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, detailed how important it is for data center operators to focus on energy in the overall costs of their computing. Greener data centers is a topic we’ve been following closely at Earth2Tech, and expect a lot more on that discussion at the upcoming Structure show. Register here now, and we’ll give you a $60 savings on your ticket. Check out our speakers and topics here.