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Will Sprint Thwart Sling Media's 3G Palm Pre App Plans?

requirements_spm_hero_apr09Sling Media is developing a version of its SlingPlayer application, which allows users to access TV content from their mobile phones, for the Palm (s palm) Pre that would work on both on Wi-Fi and 3G. But Sling’s hopes for 3G support could be dashed by the Pre’s mobile carrier, Sprint (s s), which is currently locked in an agreement with privately held MobiTV to deliver mobile television content. That’s a shame, because allowing SlingPlayer on Sprint’s 3G network would help Palm gain more traction in the smartphone landscape — and give the Pre an edge over the iPhone (s aapl).

AT&T, of course, opted against supporting the SlingPlayer app on its 3G network, which resulted in an outcry from iPhone users. Depending on what Sprint decides, it’s a decision that could end up working heavily in Palm’s favor.

The timing of the application’s launch on the Pre hasn’t yet been determined, according to Sling Media. In an email, Sprint said it is “not in a position to offer a comment since [SlingPlayer] is not an application that we currently offer.” Palm also declined to comment about whether Sprint would support the application on 3G. According to a statement via email:

The app catalog is currently in beta, with a small number of preview applications available. We aren’t speculating on the future availability of any particular apps in the catalog and haven’t published policies about the exact requirements for entry into the catalog. We do expect that with the capabilities of the webOS platform and the Mojo SDK that a wide variety of applications across all categories will be included in the catalog.

Given how contentious the SlingPlayer issue has been for AT&T and iPhone users, Sprint and Palm may be playing it safe by not commenting on the upcoming application. However, SlingPlayer already uses the 3G network on other platforms such as RIM’s BlackBerry, and the application has been available on Palm’s Treo and Centro models for years. In the Pre’s uphill battle against the iPhone, SlingPlayer could be a bright spot for the new Palm smartphone.

15 Responses to “Will Sprint Thwart Sling Media's 3G Palm Pre App Plans?”

    • Jennifer Martinez

      Hi Alex,
      I spoke with a person at SlingMedia who told me the company is currently working on an application for the Pre. Thanks!

  1. Sleeping

    Unfortunately Slingplayer will not run in Classic due to the fact that Classic has no video or audio codec support. Audio support is said to be coming in the 1.1 update.

  2. That would really suck if Sprint blocked the application. I don’t think they would, though. They are hurting for customers, and anything they can advertise that puts them on top of another network they are going to go for.

    Can’t wait for a sling app to be released, I will give an in depth review on my site!

  3. Part of why I left my iPhone and AT&T because of the bossy authoritarian attitude. iPhone has more expensive data plan, can’t Slingplayer over 3G yet their other phones can, no MMS (at the time) but other phones have it, I was tried of jailbreaking my phone to get what I want. They are also way too slow to release updates introducing new features.

    I had been waiting for a competitor (a real one, not that Instinct, BB Bold, crap). I was looking for a REAL competitor to pull me from the iPhone and the Pre did. Now here’s what I need from Palm and Sprint:

    1. Apps

    2. Updates to fix small bugs and introduce new features (video recording for example). Though we always bitch about that, I’m not sure I every really use that feature much. :)

    3. Keep open source open source. Allow developers to get in their and make the phone even better without a lot of limitation and threats to shut this and that down.

    I would also say allow Sling over 3G. Other phones do it. Why limit a phone that has much better potential to be limited. I don’t want Sprint to turn into Verizon or AT&T with all their restrictions.

    As far as MobiTV. What a joke. You get what two real channels? And a bunch of clips? I want to watch real TV not clips. And I need more than the Disney Channel and ABC News thanks anyway Sprint/MobiTV.

    • Mike W

      I agree totally I left Cingular for Sprint and love Sprint just got the Pre and love it. Had slingplayer on my 755P and miss it. I hope it comes out for the Pre!!! Thanks, Mike Keep up the fight!!!

  4. oneAwake

    There are several devices on Sprints network using the Slingmedia app over 3G, Sprint doesn’t have a problem with it. I used ORB over Sprints network, it is similar to Slingmedia.