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Instant-On HyperSpace Adds Adobe Products

hyperspace_logoHave you been keeping an eye on Hyperspace from Phoenix Technologies (s PTEC)? I have. I’ve been watching ever since the early attempts to offer netbook and notebook users a quick-booting Linux partition that offers fast access to web apps and services. HyperSpace initially focused on the basics: “instant on,” DVD playback, browsing and online services like Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. Then came the addition of the ThinkFree Office Suite. Today, Phoenix integrates several Adobe (s ADBE) products into the latest HyperSpace release.

Adobe’s provides online photo editing, storage and sharing. In fact, it’s a service that I used during my 60-day web-only challenge. For the basics and then some, it’s a useful tool. Adobe AIR, Reader and Flash Player are also now a part of HyperSpace, which extends the platform beyond basic web browsing.

Originally, I balked at the annual subscription that starts at $39.95. To be honest, I’m still not sure this the best pricing approach. I’d rather see OEMs pick up the cost since most consumers are already paying for one OS license. But the addition of new services to the HyperSpace platform add to the value. Probably not enough to make tons of consumers rush out and buy it, but it’s a step in the right direction. Even more important: HyperSpace is maturing into a full-fledged mobile operating system in its own right. With a few more additions to the platform and the right pricing model, it just might sneak up on the big boys in the OS space.