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Embed Your Files with — Any file, in your websiteNeed to embed a file into a blog post or web site in a tasteful document viewer? Increo Solutions has come up with, a simple and straightforward document embedding app. You may remember I blogged about Increo’s handy and elegant Backboard application for moving through a design or creative approval process.

Increo Solutions will be announcing a new version of the app this week. I heard about this new release last week so went straight to the beta site to check it out. lets you start uploading and embedding right away. The site does not require registration: All you need is a Google or Yahoo account, or an OpenID.

I experimented by uploading a PDF version of my resume and then embedding it into my Typepad blog. — Aliza CV 2008.pdfThe problem with the the old viewer was that the width was fixed at 466 pixels (400 pixels high) and was too wide for more narrow blog content columns.

The new version has a slider to adjust size as well as the ability to customize the player background color. The new version also gives you three ways to display your document:

1. as an embed;

2. as a link to the document (still requires JavaScript); and

3. as a thumbnail, linking to full document.

Two new features in the new version really help separate from the competition, like Scribd and Docstoc:Embeditin Customize Screenshot

1. Markup. You can annotate the document prior to embedding it into a site, calling out a portion of the PDF, for example, with a red markup pen tool.

2. Analytics. You can get some deep and interesting stats about how users are interacting with your document, including a “heat map” overlay that can show you the most read areas of a page, a map showing where readers are coming from who view the document, where the document is embedded, and a graph measuring additional activity.

With, you have full privacy and security controls, including control over whether your document can be printed or downloaded, and even where the document can be embedded.

For publishers with links to many documents on their site, offers a single line of code that will automatically display all normally linked documents as embedded docs using the player. is free of charge, can deal with almost any type of document of image file up to 20 MB in size, and uses Flash (s adbe) so should work with nearly any browser.

It wasn’t until I was on the phone with the company’s CEO, Kimber Lockhart, and going through a visual presentation of the new that I realized how young the company team actually is. I just had to add how impressed I am with it. While we might say “age is just a number,” it is exciting to see young people with creative ideas, the skills and talent to execute well, and the ability to get financial backing for their work. Kudos to Increo Solutions.

Now go and enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments. I think you’ll be impressed, too.

7 Responses to “Embed Your Files with”

  1. Once I sigin to using my GMail account, the url changes from …… to …….
    What problems me is that, whatever I upload after this will showup only the link and thumbnail, but not the embed. Also, the viewer that pops up on clicking link or thumbnail does not show the content; it just keeps “Loading….”.

    Though, ealier this was not the problem, using the same GMail id. Also, now with this new url with ip_address I am not able to see my previous uploads, I can see only the uploads done using this new URLs only. However, if I dont upload any content and just click “my embed” after login using GMail, I am able to see my previous uploads, but not the new ones.

    Any help as to how can i resolve the problem of new way of upload, would be great!!


  2. Arne, any web service that hosts your content has that risk. We take every precaution to make sure your documents are displayed in the most effective way on your website at all times.

    Nick, our aim is to give you the best possible interface for showing documents on your website (many times its important to keep your traffic on your site). I encourage you to try on one of your next embedding projects and let us know what you think.

  3. sounds cool. However, my main concern is if this startup is trying to be too general. There are several other sites out there that allow you to embed the file types you want to embed online (Scribd for docs, SlideShare for slides, YouTube for videos, Flickr for photos). My embedding needs are content specific, therefore I usually use a specialized service that can ensure I get some traffic for my content.